Q: Will I be paid for participating? 
You will not be paid for completing the phone interview. However, if we determine that you are eligible for the next step, we will ask you and your child(ren) to come in to our office for additional interviews and we will pay you for doing so. If after those interviews, you are eligible to participate in the study, you and your family will be paid for completing interviews and surveys six more times over the next two years.

Q: Are there any risks or discomforts I should know about? 
 Participating in this study may evoke unpleasant thoughts or feelings associated with discussing stressful family events. These include unpleasant feelings that may be related to the experience you have had with depression. The interventions and procedures  may involve risks that are currently unforeseeable.

Q: What will the interviews involve?
 You will be asked a series of standard questions about your feelings and behaviors.

Q: Will I find out the results of the interviews for me and/or my child? 
: At the completion of the initial interview, if findings are suggestive of a condition that may detrimentally impact you or your child’s physical or mental health, we will make the information available to you and make clinical referrals as needed. In consultation with your clinician, you can arrange any necessary follow-up testing to confirm or clarify the preliminary findings of our research assessment. However, we are unable to pay for further medical evaluation and treatment.

Q: What if I have my other kids with me for the interview and I cannot get a sitter? 
 Childcare can be provided by our research team if ample notice is given.

Q: What happens if I call or email the Helping Families Cope With Stress Project? 
 When you contact us, a trained research staff member will answer any questions that you may have and talk with you about your choices/options for participation. If you leave a message or email us, a team member will get back in contact with you within 24 to 48 hours.

Q: Where are your offices located? 
 If you are accessing this website in Tennessee click here for directions. If you are accessing this website in California click here for directions.

Q: What if I need help with transportation? 
 Contact us for more information.